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June 1, 2016 @
w/ Sissy Spacek

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We're dusting off the Grindsmasher to support SISSY SPACEK on June 1, 2016 at MYSPACE in Baltimore. Get in touch for address information and other details.


We just released an updated version of "Empires Upon the Backs of Indifference" on our bandcamp site at

"Empires" showcases Three Faces of Eve's contributions to Relapse Record's 2010 "This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2" asa single track of non-stop, pummeling, grindcore. Originally recorded in July 2009, this remastered "5-year anniversary" edition features Rob Moore [SALOME/THRAIN] on bass.

Head over to our bandcamp site and start thrashing "Empires" at unreasonable volumes. We'll announce additional consumption options as they become avialable.


We're going to be firing up the Grindsmasher to thrash the Barclay House 10-Year Anniversary show on July 26, 2014. Other incredible bands from the day are getting back together to play; including Plaguewielder and A Warm Gun. As for the Faces, we've already started rehearsals and plan to play some classic jams along with some new grind for the folks at the show. We're also bringing in some close friends to play with us this time around, so expect an expanded lineup. We've been messing around in the studio as well, and are considering some sort of release for the show. We promise nothing.

Details will be released via secret channels. Pay attention.



Last year we went into the studio, with Blaine at the controls, to write/record five minutes of new material for the next installment of Relapse Record's "This Comp Kills Fascists". Scott pulled together some amazing bands for this volume; including local grinders DRUGS OF FAITH, TRIAC, and STRONG INTENTION. It's definitely awesome to see so many area bands involved.

Our Tracks:

We'd like to thank Scott and the folks at Relapse for the opportunity to be a part of this epic collection, and a special thanks to Deal of SALOME [] for his help bringing the noise on our tracks.

The Comp is now avialable - click HERE for details.

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The artwork I put together for our panel is also available on hand-printed shirts - order one HERE [in our downloads section].



Here's the video we did for "the Culling" off our old demo. Thrash it!

Director: Richard Rock
Editor/Colorist: Ivan Kander



We have taken over the means of production. We are now in control.

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol 2

Complete details can be found in the original post, HERE. We contributed five minutes of material to the next installment of Relapse Record's This Comp Kills Fascists set for US release on June 22nd. You can order a copy from Relapse here:

the Doomsday Split 7"

We're working on a split 7inch with NJ's epic grinders DOOMSDAY MACHINE SCHEMATIC []. We've been friends with these dudes for awhile, they're a devastating band, and we're very excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with them on this release.

Both bands are contributing new material to the release and have recorded in Virginia with our own Blaine "I smell a hit" Misner at the controls. The vinyl will come packaged with a CD that will have all of the songs in addition to a cover song from each band.

the Satan EP

We're taking all of the material we recorded "about satan" and putting it towards this release. We have a little more tracking work to do, and more noise to add, but have already started scheduling to finalize this release this year.

the "New" Old Demo

A very rough mix of "Jesus Wept" from the SATAN SESSIONS will be included on the demos we give away at shows, along with all three tracks from the 2006/2007 recording sessions and a bonus track. The package is slick and the CD tops are full-color printed directly to the disc. It looks like this:


Shred or Be Shredded Vol. 1

We've contributed a re-recorded version of "As They Burned the Bodies of the Infected Dead" to SHRED OR BE SHREDDED Vol 1, featuring new and unreleased music from; Call the Paramedics, Mortal Decay, Bad Luck 13, Gruesome Stuff Relish, the Dolemite Project, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, and more. . If you'd like to get a copy, visit Here's the artwork:



Shirts. I hand-print our shirts, so if there is a specific color combination you'd like, email me [Tony] directly @ I've put an order form in the "downloads" section, if you'd like a shirt, but can't make it out to a show.

...that's all we have for now. Thanks.

We are always interested in show opportunities, local and beyond, so if you would like to set up a show, email me [Tony] at If you samples can be heard in our Media section or visit our music pages at:


--Three Faces of Eve
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