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Three Faces of Eve
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July 26, 2014 @
w/ A Warm Gun and Plaguewielder

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Three Faces of Eve is a death metal band from the VA/DC/MD-areas.

We have been subjugated.

Our collective pursuit seems no longer towards a happiness we once believed attainable, but a fleeting moment of satisfaction externally defined by those who seek to gain most from our insatiable hunger for that which we hope can fill the emptiness they've created within.

Our now forgotten revolution created a movement that once thrived beneath the surface of structure and order. Voices raised the foundation of great symbols of power and questioned the oppressive authorities that fed us the very words we used to convince ourselves it was better to live in fear than to forge our own path into a chaotic future of unknown and limitless possibility.

Instead of being driven by our sense of principle, some dance like lunatics upon the ashes of those very ethics that once sought to unify our disjointed voices against a system we believed to be the greatest evil. Those who remember continue to raise an ancient flag of protest...we fear a time when it too falls into the shadow of corruption.

Our voice will never silence.

...and so we welcome the inevitable end of all you've been conditioned to cherish by those we call 'enemy'.

.Come Death; may this Empire perish in the shadow of its greatest contrivance.

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